Davin Smith (*286) is the son of William, an impoverished noble, and apprentice arcane mage.

Davin descends from Bryce "The Bastard", a bastard of House Wail, Counts of Portown. His grandfather distinguished himself during the Second Invasion, and was awarded a holdfast and a plot of land, which has been passed down to Davin's father, William, who is a smith by trade.

Life before the series Edit

Davin learned his father's trade from a young age. While crafting metal, he discovered magical abilities which helped him mold iron and steel with mana. As a result, he inherited the mana pendant, a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. At the age of 13 he was sent to train at the Academy. As a minor noble without family name, Davin is out to prove that high birth is not important when it comes to being a powerful mage. In the Academy, he befriended Finnley, who is also of lower birth than the other apprentices. For his natural talents, Davin was classified as an arcane mage. He was assigned to group Dionysus along with Michail, Finnley and Eliana.

Personality and relationships Edit

Davin is calm, collected and rational. Sometimes over-cautious, he always advises to step back and take a look at the bigger picture before making rash decisions. In missions, he was the strategist counterpart to Dio's impulsive leadership. Though he has less natural talent than his peers, Davin is considered one of the most promising young mages due to his reasoning skills and tactical ideas.